Ongoing Amazon Flash Sales

These are the current Amazon Flash sales and we are providing auto-buy on all of them. For detailed steps just visit the below links.

Amazon Flash Sale Extension

If you are planning to buy Amazon Flash sale products then you must install the extension. Because this can only provide auto-buy.

Downlod App

How to Buy Amazon Flash Sale Products

  • Once you install the Auto buy chrome extension you will get an icon in the search bar.
  • Just click on that and visit the Amazon Flash sale products
  • Choose the mobile which you are planning to buy and register for the same.
  • Now visit the sale page of that product you will get a pop-up like this.
  • We are all set now all you need to do is visit the same sale page 3 mins before of sale timing.
  • At 2 mins our auto buy script will start working and we will refresh the page for every 10 secs
  • Once the sale starts our extension will automatically add the product to cart.
  • Complete the payment and fill in the address detail to buy Amazon Flash sale products.

Amazon Flash sale script for Auto Buy

Amazon basically runs the flash sale on their top products like mobile and other large appliances. But buying these flash sale products isn’t so easy because more than a million people try to buy them. The products count is limited to 1000’s of units. To solve this problem we are introducing Amazon Flash sale script for auto buy. Since our extension is in beta stage currently this feature is limited to a few flash sale products. In few more months, we will roll our Amazon auto buy feature on all over the site like instant deals, prime deals and more. All you need to do is install our Auto buy chrome extension and follow the above steps on every sale.

Available Amazon Flash sale Auto buy script Products:

Upcoming Amazon Flash sale script for Auto Buy:

As we mentioned above we are about to roll out this feature all over Amazon site. This includes any type of deals, flash sales and more. Apart from Flash sales, people even miss out Amazon lightning deals and festival deals. Usually, all those deals are available till the stock lasts so we are here to auto-buy them for you. These are the upcoming Amazon auto buy features

  • Amazon Lightning Deals
  • Amazon Prime Deals
  • Amazon Today’s deals
  • Exclusive festival sales
  • Amazon Festival deals like Diwali and more

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