Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy multiple products from a single Flash Sale?

Yes, you can buy multiple products. We made the script which works individually on different sale pages. So just confirm the pop-up on every sale page and then you are good to go.

Can I use auto buy extension on multiple sites at the same time?

Yes, you can use on multiple sites. The extension script will be different for every site so it will work on all of them

Auto buy pop-up isn't showing on sale page.

Sometimes it will happen if you register for a different product on the extension. Just make sure you are in the right sale page and registered for the same on the extension. In case if you are confused with the sale page just visit the how to buy article on our site or post a question in the forum.

How to install Auto buy chrome Extension?

It is chrome extension for a reason and it will work only on desktop chrome browsers. So visit our page in chrome store then click on Add to Chrome button. Then you will get an icon in the chrome search bar.

How to Use Autobuy Chrome Extension?

For this, we have written a detailed article. Here is the link: How to Use Autobuy Chrome Extension

Is auto buy Android/iOS app available?

Well, not yet but our developers are working very hard. Both auto buy android and iOS apps will be live in just a couple of weeks.

Does this extension works on all sites?

It will work on the sites which are mentioned in the extension pop-up. If you need any special site auto buy then write to use. We will try to add the same.

Is it necessary to open sale page or will the extension add the product automatically?

Currently, without your presence, we can’t make any changes on your account. So you must open the flash sale page before the sale time then our extension will add the product to cart.

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