Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Auto Buy Trick

Diwali holidays may just be around the corner but Xiaomi is celebrating their Diwali with Mi sales with the awesome offers and Mi 1Rs sale. Every year as a part of the Diwali festival they will run Mi 1Rs flash sale. In which they giveaway top-notch mobiles, TV and other accessories for the cost of 1Rs. This is a legit sale and there is no fake stuff here. But the only problem is not everyone can get the Mi 1Rs flash sale products. Usually, Xiaomi brings less than 50 units in each sale and it is completely first to come first to serve basis. So we at auto-buy are providing Mi 1Rs flash sale trick. For this, you need to install our extension and this can only increase your chances of winning the mobile. Previously few people got the products from our trick and we hope this year it can benefit a few of our users.

Diwali Deals: Diwali with Mi Sale Offers 2019

Don’t Forget: Mi TV 4A 40 inch Black in just Rs 1 at 4 PM in next Mi 1Rs sale.

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale

There are a total of six Mi 1rs flash sales. We make sure our extension works on all of them. Each and every Mi 1rs sale goes live on the same day and the timing is 4:00 PM in the evening. The sale will start on September 29th and it will run till October 4th. It’s a 6-day festival and the available mi 1rs sale products are Redmi K20, Mi Smart Band 4 and Redmi Note 7 Pro. Since we got the Mi 1rs sale trick on extension all you need to do is follow the below steps. Read ahead for Mi 1Rs Sale Auto Buy, 1Rs Note 7 Pro, 1Rs Redmi K20, and 1Rs Mi Smart Band 4

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale  Details
Mi 1Rs Sale Date 30th September
Mi 1Rs Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Mi 1Rs Sale Page Visit Now
Mi 1Rs Sale End Date 4th October

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Mi 1Rs Winners

So as many users claimed that this Mi flash sale is a fake sale. No one gets anything under this sale. But Mi has come up with new information which will show the full list of winners under this Mi 1Rs sale 2019. So just check your name on that list and be sure that the sale is not fake. As it is so obvious that the users are so high and the products are very less. So everyone can’t get the product.

Mi 1Rs Sale Chrome Extension

If you aren’t familiar with Auto buy then let me share a few things. It is a chrome extension and we specially made this to buy flash sale products. It will work on all sites and on all the flash sale products. So what this extension does is it will run a script in the background and whenever the products come in stock it will automatically add them to your shopping cart. Auto Buy extension clicks more than 100 times compared to normal human so using this on Mi 1Rs flash sales can definitely increase your chances.

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Auto Buy Trick

The same script will also work on Mi small = Big sales for the next two days. Also, for best results, we suggest you try manually. Using our extension can only increase your chances. It doesn’t mean that everyone can claim these deals.

Mi 1Rs sale

  • Follow the above link to install Auto Buy extension on your chrome browser.
  • After installing the extension you will get an icon in the chrome search bar.
  • Click on that and you will find Mi 1Rs flash sale listings. Our extension works for all 6 sale days
  • Then choose the product that you are planning to buy and register for auto buy
  • As soon as you register it will open up the Mi 1rs sale page and there you will get a pop-up
  • We are all set now, at the time of sale visit the same page and the script will start working 2 mins before
  • Here we will run auto-buy script in the background and it will keep on clicking.
  • Once the products come in stock it will automatically click on Buy Now.

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Mi 1Rs Sale Auto buy Video Guide

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Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Auto Buy Working Proof

This is just our attempt to give you fastest auto click and it doesn’t mean that everyone can get the product. You can refer to the below gif for Auto Buy Extension functionality. It will refresh the page in less than a second and keep on clicking the Buy Now button before anyone else. Try this to increase your chances on any Mi 1Rs Flash sale.

Mi 1Rs Sale Auto Buy

Buy Redmi K20 @ 1Rs

Xiaomi featured Redmi K20 in their 1Rs flash sales. Alongside there is a Smart Band 4 but in total there are 6 sales. So the final Mi 1Rs sale products are yet to be revealed. It is now confirmed that you can now buy Redmi K20 at 1Rs only. We will update the number of available units when we get the final confirmation from the Xiaomi website. Also, here are the date and timings of Redmi K20 1Rs Sale. Do one that it is Redmi K20, not the Redmi K20 Pro.

1Rs Redmi K20  Details
Sale Date 29th September
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 40
Sale Page Visit Now

Buy Smart Band 4 @ 1Rs

In addition to Redmi K20 mobile, Mi Smart Band 4 also featured in Mi 1Rs sales. The final number of units will be updated after the official launch.

1Rs Smart Band 4  Details
Sale Date 30th September
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 100
Sale Page Visit Now

Buy Mi A3 @ 1Rs

These offers in mi 1rs flash sale are just awesome. Just imagine buying Mi A3 in just Rs 1. That’s why Mi is trending especially in the smartphone market. So we already have Redmi K20 on the first day of 1Rs sale.

1Rs Mi A3  Details
Sale Date 1st October
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 40
Sale Page Visit Now

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Buy Mi Soundbar @ 1Rs

On the 4th day of mi flash sale, we have Mi Soundbar. First Mi band 4 and then Mi Soundbar in this Mi 1rs flash sale and this sale will run till 4th October. Check out all the important dates and time here. Also, you can check the old price of the product.

1Rs Mi A3  Details
Sale Date 1st October
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 80
Sale Page Visit Now

Buy Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp White @ 1Rs

So we will have Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp White on the 5th day of mi flash sale. Check out the deal here. now isn’t it amazing to get such deals in just Rs 1. So let’s wait for your luck and hope you all get something in Mi 1Rs Sale 2019.

Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp White  Details
Sale Date 2nd October
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 100
Sale Page Visit Now

Buy Mi TV 4A (40 Inches – Black) @ 1Rs

Now they are giving a 40-inches Tv in just Rs 1. This is the reason why users are not getting any product in this 1Rs sale. As it is not fake it is because of the high traffic they get on the site during this sale. Also, the product units are very less. There are some valid reasons for not getting a product in 1Rs Mi sale. Try your luck for the last time in this Diwali Mi 1Rs sale.

Mi Tv 4A (40 inches – black)  Details
Sale Date 4th October
Sale Timing 4:00 PM
Number of Units 20
Sale Page Visit Now

Mi 1Rs Sale Date & Time

Products Sale Date & Time Old Price New Price
Redmi K20 29th Sep @ 4 PM Rs 24999 Rs 1
Mi Smart Band 4 30th Sep @ 4 PM Rs 2499 Rs 1
Mi A3 1st Oct @ 4 PM Rs 17499 Rs 1
Mi Soundbar 2nd Oct @ 4 PM Rs 5999 Rs 1
Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp White 3rd Oct @ 4 PM Rs 1799 Rs 1
Mi Tv 4A (40 inches – Balck) 4th Oct @ 4 PM Rs 19999 Rs 1

There will be a total of 6 flash sales. All of them goes live on different days but the timing will be the same. Also, Mi 1Rs flash sale products are yet to be announced.

Diwali with Mi Sale Deals

Every year Mi runs many sales on their website. Out of all the events, Diwali sale grabs so many users and the prices will be lowest in the whole year. Here we are listing out the upcoming Diwali with Mi Sale offers on Mobiles, TV’s and accessories. Most of the deal prices are yet to be revealed before the sale

Mobile Deals

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro stats @ 11999 Rs
  • Redmi Note 7s @ 8999 Rs only
  • Redmi 7A @ Rs 5499
  • Redmi Y3 starts @ 7999 Rs

TV Deals

In these TV deals, you can claim the No-cost EMI offer or get an extended warranty by paying 399 Rs extra. This will be applicable on all Mi TV. Here are the upcoming Mi Diwali TV Deals.

  • Mi LED TV 4A Pro 32 inch priced at 10999 Rs
  • Mi LED TV 4C Pro 32 inch priced at 10999 Rs
  • Mi LED TV 4A Pro 43 inch priced at 19999 Rs
  • Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 inch priced at 37999 Rs

Other Accessories

This section covers Mi sitewide offers which are applicable on accessories and other products.

  • 10000 mAh Powerbank 2i starts @ 799 Rs
  • Mi Earphones up to 50% off
  • Mi Band 3 Priced at 1799 Rs
  • Genuine mobile accessories pricing starts at 49 Rs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Fake?

This is the doubt which many people got and still, some people believe that it is definitely a fake 1Rs sale. In truth, Xiaomi does provide the 1Rs products in every sale. Few people even shared the pictures. It’s just that not everyone can get it.

How many 1Rs products are in stock and how many people try on every sale?

On each sale day the available units are 40 this includes 20 1Rs mobiles and 20 1Rs accessories. For this more than 5 lac, people try on each sale day. So you do the math

Can I stop the Auto Buy Extension script to click manually?

Yes, you can do this with an escape button.

How to Buy Redmi K20 for 1Rs?

You need to install auto buy extension then it can automatically add the product to your cart. If not you can log in to the Xiaomi website and visit the Diwali with Mi flash sale page. As soon as the sale try to click on Grab Now button. If you are lucky then you can get the product in your shopping cart.

Can I Get Redmi K20 Pro at 1Rs?

Don’t get confused. It is the Redmi K20 which is available to buy for 1Rs, not the Pro variant.

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