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Swati asked 6 years ago

How to Auto Buy Redmi 6A in next Flash Sale? Now if someone in this forum can help me with Steps to Auto buy Redmi 6A in Flash sale. I have a laptop and internet connection with me, but still I fail to book mobile which have a great demand in the market. Now yes I was able to book MI A2 as even after 2-3 hours of flash sale it was available to book. So if there is any Trick forĀ Auto Buy Redmi 6A in Flash Sale, please explain?

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Abhishek Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Swati, thanks for asking us. It\’s not that hard to Auto Buy Redmi 6A Flash Sale. Yes, obviously there is a trick for every flash sale. And if anyone who tells you that no they have booked the phone without any extension or without an auto buy app mostly they are lying. Basically, this can be possible only if there is no traffic for that particular smartphone. As you told about MI A2, yes for that smartphone users are not that interested. So why you were able to book even after 2-3 hours. Let us now see how to Auto Buy Redmi 6A Flash Sale. As the first sale is on the 19th of September. So there are a few basic steps and you can book the mobile for sure. All you need to do is install this auto buy flash sale extension and just select the product you want. Remaining process will be taken care by the extension up to payment page. You just need to select the payment and you are done. For more details just check this post, Auto Buy Redmi 6A Flash Sale. Now you can have things in details and you can understand things better. Thanks..!! Hope it helps.

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