Realme 1Rs Sale Auto buy. Get Realme 2 Pro, U1 @ 1Rs Only

Realme isn’t only giving tough competition to Xiaomi mobiles but they are also competing in every possible way.  Xiaomi usually conducts their events (Mi 1Rs Sale) on festivals and on their anniversary. To be honest that is the best way to engage users and now Realme following the same trend. Recently they launched Realme 1st Anniversary sale! As a part of this, they are introducing Realme 1Rs sales in which you can buy Realme 2 Pro, Realme U1, Realme C1, Earbuds, and Travel backpack at the cost of 1Rs. Here are the more details about Realme 1Rs sale and how you can participate to win them

Realme 1st Anniversary Sale

This is just a first installment of Realme Anniversary Sale. More events are coming on the festival season. In this sale, you can buy Realme mobiles and other accessories on 3 sale days. Also, you can try winning other Realme 1Rs sale products. These deals will be active from May 2nd to May 4th. Realme 3 got the fiery gold color variant which is an exclusive product of the event. Among all these the main attraction goes to Realme 1Rs sale

Realme 1Rs Sale

This will goes live on 2nd to 4th May at four different timings. Available 1Rs units on each sale are less than 100 units and it is completely first to come first to serve basis. When the stock gets over then the product price will be changed to the actual retail price. We at auto-buy are providing a working script from our extension. The demand is a little too much but one can simply log in to realme site and claim the products. You can follow these steps to buy Realme 1Rs sale products

Realme 1Rs Flash Sale  Details
Realme 1Rs Sale Date 2nd May
Realme 1Rs Sale Timing 12:00 PM
Realme 1Rs Sale Page Visit Now
End Date 5th May

Realme 1Rs Flash Sale Extension

We at auto buy have been providing a working script to buy flash sale products. Now the same script will be available on Realme 1Rs sales. Please do no that using auto buy extension can only increase your chances of winning the products. But it doesn’t guarantee that everyone can get the mobile. Because in the 1Rs sale the available units will be less than 50 and more than 5 lac people will be trying to buy them.

How to Buy Realme 1Rs Products

  • Install AutoBuy chrome extension. This can help you by running a script on all Realme 1Rs flash sales.
  • Then visit the Realme official website and then click on 1st Anniversary sale banner
  • In The Anniversary sale page, you will notice a pop-up.
  • Make sure you logged in to Realme website. Without login, you may miss this deal
  • Visit the same page a few mins before and auto-buy script will be started before 2 mins of sale
  • At this moment it will keep on refreshing the page and when products are in stock it will add them to your cart.
  • Complete the address and payment details to buy Realme 1Rs flash sale products.

Realme 1Rs Sale Timings and Products

There will be a total of 4 realme 1Rs flash sales each day. This will run for 3 straight days which means you can test your luck by trying in 12 sales in total. Here are the timings and products that are available in the sale

Time 2nd May 3rd May 4th May
00:00 Realme 2 Pro 4+64GB Black Sea Realme C1 (3+32 GB) Realme U1 (3+32GB)
09:00 Realme Earbuds Realme Earbuds Realme Earbuds
12:00 No Sale Realme C1 (3+32 GB) Realme U1 (3+32GB)
20:00 Realme Tech backpack  Realme Tech backpack  Realme Tech backpack

Terms and Conditions

1 Rs Flash Deals: From 2nd May to 4th May, They have 4 rounds of Flash Deals everyday. Realme 3 Pro is not part of 1 Flash Deals. It is shown the second sale time on the page.

Realme 1Rs Flash Sale Details:

  • 0:00 May 2nd: Realme 2 Pro: 4+64GB, BLACK SEA
  • 9:00 May 2nd: realme Earbuds
  • 20:00 May 2nd: realme Tech Backpack
  • 0:00 May 3rd: realme C1 (2019): 3+32GB, DEEP BLACK
  • 9:00 May 3rd: realme Earbuds
  • 12:00 May 3rd: realme C1 (2019): 3+32GB, DEEP BLACK
  • 20:00 May 3rd: realme Tech Backpack
  • 0:00 May 4th: realme U1: 3+32GB AMBITIOUS BLACK
  • 9:00 May 4th: realme Earbuds
  • 12:00 May 4th: realme U1: 3+32GB, AMBITIOUS BLACK
  • 20:00 May 4th: realme Tech Backpack

  1. How I buy realme c1

  2. I want to get realme w pro @1 rupee

  3. Luck by chance

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