How to buy REALME 2 Flash sale on Flipkart?

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Riya Sharma asked 6 years ago

What are the steps for REALME 2 Auto-buy on Flipkart? Is there any limits on Flipkart per customer? Can you tell COD is available or not on Flipkart for REALME 2 Auto-buy? Can I auto-buy REALME 2 on Flipkart? After installing the extension what do I need to do to participate in flash sale. Can we get all colors mobiles on Flipkart which has been launched till now by Oppo for REALME 2? Is there any offer on Flipkart for users while booking this REALME 2 using Auto-buy Chrome Extension through flash sale? So it will be a great help if you can explain everything related to REALME 2 flash sale like steps involved, offers for users, sale timing, sale date, etc. Also, if you can explain that if I have 2-3 Flipkart account then can I book this smartphone from all account at a time? If yes then what do I do to book REALME 2 in Flash Sale from all accounts? Can we get this REALME 2 on Flipkart only or do we have some other sites like Amazon, etc. where the flash sale will be live as Flipkart. Please help me with all the issues related to REALME 2 Auto-buy on Flipkart.

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Steps to Buy Realme 2 from Flipkart

  • We hope that you have Downloaded our auto buy chrome extension. If not do it right away!!
  • Once you install the extension an icon will appear in the search bar.
  • Simply click on that and you will find the Flash sale listings. Our extension works on all of them
  • All you need to do is fine Poco F1 Flash sale listing and register for the model or the color you like.
    Realme 2 auto buy
  • You can also choose multiple models. When you click on the icon it will open a sale page in the new tab
  • In that Realme 2 Flash sale page, you will get a pop-up which means we are all set now.
    how to buy realme 2 from Flipkart
  • Open the sale page few 3 mins before the sale.
  • Exactly 2 mins before the sale our script will start running in the background and it will refresh the page in every 10 secs.
  • As soon as the products come in stock it will automatically add them to cart and redirect you to the check our page.
  • Choose the address and complete the payment to buy Realme 2 from Flipkart

If you need detailed information then visit our article on How to buy Realme 2 Flash sale on Flipkart

Abhishek Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Riya, Anyways you got your question answered about How to buy REALME 2 Flash sale on Flipkart? Now see it’s very easy to book a mobile in flash sale. You just need to install a chrome extension and this one must work obviously. There are many extension on the Internet but few works properly. Just use this Autobuy extension to book one for sure. Thanks..!!

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