How to buy Vivo mobile in flash sale?

ForumCategory: QuestionsHow to buy Vivo mobile in flash sale?
Priya Divya asked 6 years ago

As I check in your auto buy flash sale extension , there are options to purchase mobile in Flipkart, Amazon or MI Flash Sale. I don’t see any option to purchase Vivo mobile in flash sale from their website.
How to buy Vivo mobile? Is it trustworthy extension? Can you help as soon as possible?

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Hey Priya,
The extension has been updated now. You can check the same on the pop-up. In case if you haven’t installed the extension then click here to install the same on your Chrome browser.
For detailed steps on How to buy Vivo Flash sale products, you can check this article:
The extension is completely secure and safe.

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