POCO F1 Auto-buy on Flipkart?

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anjali asked 6 years ago

 What are the steps for POCO F1 Auto-buy on Flipkart? Is there any limits on Flipkart per customer? Can you tell COD is available or not on Flipkart for POCO F1? Can I auto-buy POCO F1 on Flipkart? After installing the extension what do I need to do to participate in flash sale. Can we get all colors mobiles on Flipkart which has been launched till now by Xiaomi for POCO F1? Is there any offer on Flipkart for users while booking this POCO F1 through flash sale? So it will be a great help if you can explain everything related to POCO F1 flash sale like steps involved, offers for users, sale timing, sale date, etc. Also, if you can explain that if I have 2-3 Flipkart account then can I book this smartphone from all account at a time? If yes then what do I do to book POCO F1 in Flash Sale from all accounts? Can we get this POCO F1 on Flipkart only or do we have some other sites like Amazon, etc. where the flash sale will be live as Flipkart. Please help me with all the issues.

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Poco F1 is an exclusive Flipkart product. You can’t buy Poco F1 from Amazon or other sites. For more details, you can visit this link on How to Buy Poco F1 on Flipkart and also I am sharing the same points down below.

Steps to Buy Poco F1 on Flipkart

  • Download & install Auto Buy Chrome Extension then you will get an icon in the chrome search bar.
  • Just click on that and you will get a Flash sale section.
  • Scroll till you find Poco F1 Flash sale listings which will look like this.
    how to buy poco f1
  • Register for the mobile which you are planning to buy.
  • Also, you can choose to auto-buy multiple Poco F1 mobiles. Just make sure Flipkart may limit 1-2 units per customer
  • As soon as you register for Poco F1 flash sale it will open up a new tab
  • That tab is Poco F1 sale page and there you will get a pop-up like this
    How to buy poco f1 on Flipkart
  • Now just visit this same sale page a few mins before the sale on 29th August
  • Once the sale starts you will get the product in your cart.
  • It is recommended that you must log in to Flipkart site before the sale and select the default address
  • Simply complete the payment to Buy Poco F1


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