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gaurav asked 6 years ago

How can one buy POCO F1 Auto-buy on MI Site? Also, please help me with an auto-buy Chrome extension for POCO F1 on MI Site? Can you please explain all the steps required to book this POCO F1 through MI flash sale? Is this flash sale is available on MI site only or we can try for POCO F1 flash sale somewhere else also. Will users get any offer on MI site while booking POCO F1 in flash sales? As I have seen Flipkart is providing some offer for their users while booking POCO F1 through Flash sales. As POCO F1 has a great processor and high capacity RAM, so it will be very difficult to book this mobile during the flash sale. So please explain the most efficient and 100% working trick for POCO F1 auto-buy on MI site. Also, as there are different variants can you please tell the price of every variant separately. Can we book only a single mobile or we can get more form MI site? Please explain everything related to POCO F1 Auto-buy on MI Site.

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Mi website usually comes with the 2 steps process and it is very hard to get Poco F1 or any other flash sale mobile from Flipkart. That’s why we recommend our users to go with either Flipkart or Amazon sites. But you can simultaneously try on both sites. To Auto Buy Poco F1 from Mi Site simply follow below steps (Will be Active when the sale page is ready)

  • Install auto buy chrome extension then click on the icon
  • Choose the Poco F1 flash sale mobile which you are planning to buy from Mi site
  • Register for the Autobuy Poco F1 and it will take you to the sale page
  • Make sure you logged in to Mi site and open the same sale page few mins before.
  • As soon as the sale starts it will add the product to cart.

For the better results, you can only choose 1 Poco F1 flash sale auto-buy on Mi site.

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