POCO F1 Online Booking?

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anokhi asked 6 years ago

How can we book POCO F1 on Flipkart and MI site? Can you explain the details about booking this POCO F1 on Flipkart site? Details like flash sale date, sale time, the best auto-buy chrome extension for POCO F1, offers available on Flipkart for users, how to use that extension to the book POCO F1, etc. Also, same info for MI site too that how to book POCO F1 from Mi site? As I need to book this POCO F1 and it’s urgent. So I just can’t miss the sale. Also, if you can help me with Flipkart and MI booking links for POCO F1 flash sale. Is there any other way where we can book POCO F1 during the first flash sale? Do I need to use auto-buy chrome extension for booking this POCO F1, if yes then please help with that too? Which auto-buy extension is best for booking POCO F1? Do I need two different extensions for Flipkart and MI to book this smartphone? Please just explain my issues with the first flash sale date. Thanks!!

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