POCO F1 Specifications and Features?

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Akshay Kumar asked 6 years ago

Is POCO F1 is the best smartphone in the price range of Rs 20000 to buy? What are the latest updated feature in POCO F1 from the last Xiaomi mobiles? In this sale we will be able to book mobiles for sure, or it will be same like previous flash sales from VIVO, and other smartphone companies? Because I have heard about 6GB RAM in POCO F1 in just Rs 21k which is unbelievable for now. What are other features which we can get in this POCO F1 from Xiaomi. Are other features like fingerprint, round edge corners, etc will be there in POCO F1. What other things we require to buy this mobile? Can you explain in detail about all requirements for POCO F1? Please help me to get this POCO F1 in Flash-sale. Too excited for this smartphone as I have heard that the features are awesome which we can’t get in any other smartphone in the price range of 21k.

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