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Praganya Rox asked 6 years ago

Which is the best Auto-buy Chrome Extension for REALME 2? Please help me with the steps to use the auto-buy Chrome Extension for REALME 2 so that I can book this awesome smartphone for myself in REALME 2 flash-sale. As I have heard that auto-buy chrome extension helps to book mobiles in Flash sale. Also, can you please tell me that this REALME 2 Flash sale will be available on Amazon or Flipkart. So if you can tell me about a chrome extension which can be used on both sites or where the REALME 2 flash sale will be available for now? Also, if you can explain that how this REALME 2 Auto-buy Chrome Extension works and what steps do we need to know to book this smartphone through flash sale. Are these autobuy chrome extensions works automatically or we need to take some action during or before flash sale? So please help me with the best auto buy chrome extension for REALME 2 Auto-buy and the steps to use that extension during flash sale. Also, if I don’t have Google Chrome in my laptop can I still use that extension? Or any other option which i can have for non google chrome laptops?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Install Realme 2 Auto Buy Chrome Extension

Without the extension, you will be just another guy fighting to grab the mobile but if you install the extension it will auto-buy Realme 2 to your cart. This extension not only works on Realme 2 but on all Flash sales which are happening on Flipkart, Amazon and Mi sites. Here is the link to download the extension. Install today on your desktop Chrome browser and buy Flash sale products at any time.
Install Chrome Extension

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