REALME 2 Flash Sale Date?

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Shekhar Pandey asked 6 years ago

Like other most recent mobiles, REALME 2 will likewise be coming through Flash Sales presumably. At the point when is the next Flash Sale of REALME 2? It would be ideal if you assist me with the detailed steps to purchase this REALME 2 cell phone in next Flashsale or I need to sit tight for the following week to book this smartphone. Is there any auto-buy app which can purchase this REALME 2. Likewise, is it important to utilize REALME 2 Auto-buy Chrome Extension or we can get it manually? Likewise, would you be able to please tell that till when this flash sale will go on and when we will get it in the market? What’s more, if there is any auto-buy app please disclose every step to utilize that application in detail. As I have heard that it’s exceptionally boisterous to book a smartphone through Flash Sale. So please let me know the detailed and 100% working trick to book this REALME 2 in next Flash Sale. Likewise, which colors are accessible for REALME 2 in Flash deal? Also, this REALME 2 Flash Sale is accessible on Amazon or Flipkart?

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

Realme 2 is an exclusive Flipkart mobile and the First Realme 2 flash sale will go live on 4th September at 12 PM.

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