REALME 2 Next Sale Date?

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shreyansh singh asked 6 years ago

According to my knowledge, REALME 2 has been launched already. So please can you tell me about REALME 2 1st Flash sale date? So that I can book this mobile. Just explain every detail about this phone including REALME 2 next sale date. Also, if you can help me with the best chrome extension for REALME 2 flash sale on Flipkart. Is there any auto-buy chrome extension which works 100% on Flipkart? Explain the sale timing, sale date, etc. with other details for REALME 2 auto-buy. Is this flash sale for REALME 2 is daily or weekly? Because if I miss the first sale when can I try again for the REALME 2. So please tell REALME 2 next sale date with all other details like REALME 2 chrome extension. Thanks in advance..!!

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admin Staff answered 6 years ago

By default, every flash sale usually happens once a week and Realme 2 first flash sale is going live on Tuesday so you can simply take a note that Realme 2 next sale will happen on next Tuesday which is 11th of September.

  • Realme 2 First Sale Date: 4th September
  • Realme 2 First Sale Timing: 12 PM
  • Realme 2 Next Sale Date: 11th September

For more details visit our Realme 2 next sale date article.

Abhishek Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

REALME 2 Next Sale Date is tomorrow i.e. 02/10/2018. So you should be ready before the sale. Install Autobuy extension and book REALME 2 in the Next Sale. As many users have booked smartphone using our extension. Like before you don’t need to pay anything to other flash sale bookers. And obviously, it’s free to use.

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