Jio Fiber Forever Plan

So we all heard about the latest Reliance Jio announcement. In the last 3 years, they have been offered many services towards Digital India movement. Now here we are presenting you all the details about Jio Fiber forever plan. From this, you can claim a Free Jio 4k TV or Home PC with 4k Set-top box. This offer is only valid for users with Jio fiber connection. Although the official details of this plan are yet to revealed on 5th September when Jio turns 3 years old.

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Jio Fiber Forever Plan

In other words, this is also known as the Jio fiber annual plan. The exact plan details are yet to be revealed. Previously it was named as Jio Gigafiber and there were many rumors about the Jio Fiber broadband plans. With the help of this service, you can make free voice call all over the world and get unlimited internet with a starting speed of 100 MBPS. It is going to be a broadband service and starts at 700 Rs per month. By default, every user with Jio fiber forever plan will get a free Jio 4k set-top box

Online Registration and Pre Booking

Jio fiber registrations will soon start after the official release. So far Jio just made an announcement about this plan but they haven’t released any official details. When the service is launched you can simply visit the Jio website to make the pre-booking. Also, this may available in the offline stores as well. When the official details go live we will update the following content accordingly.

  • Jio fiber Online Registration link:
  • Jio fiber Pre-booking date: 5th September

Jio Fiber Forever Plan Price details

This will be an annual plan so you can’t take monthly subscriptions. When you opt-in for Jio fiber forever plan you will get a free 4k set-top box. The pricing will start at 700 Rs month and it will go up to 10000 Rs month. So it now clear that Free Jio TV can only be offered to the people with high-end Jio Fiber plan.

  • Jio Fiber Plan Price: Starts at 700 Rs
  • Jio Fiber Broadband speed: Starts at 100 MBPS

How to get a Free TV with Jio fiber annual plan?

  • Register for the upcoming Jio fiber forever plan.
  • Then you will get an option to choose free Jio TV or Home PC
  • For this, you need to pay the refundable security deposit.
  • Details about the pricing will be available after the official release
  • This offer is only valid for Jio Fiber users and exclusive to Indian people.


How to get Free Jio TV?

Follow the above steps after the official release.

How to register for Jio Fiber forever plan?

The registrations will go live after 5th September. Please wait for the official announcement.

What is Jio Fiber?

It was previously named as Gigafiber. This is a broadband connection which Jio is offering to everyone in India.

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