OnePlus Music Festival 2019 – Event Tickets, Price, Dates, & Seats

Who doesn’t loves Music? Everyone has their taste in music but to go to any live concert is an altogether different experience. And when the music is available with the latest technologies then again it’s another level. And for some music is like connecting themselves to some other world.  For all music lovers, the wait may be over as OnePlus is organizing an event in Mumbai in November where you can find some best music with some latest tech to provide an awesomely great experience. Many Hollywood and Bollywood stars will perform there in the OnePlus Music Festival. So all you need to do is grab the tickets and go to this music concert. And if you are a music lover you must go as you may not another chance. Check out this post for all details like oneplus festival tickets, venue, ticket price, lineup, dates, etc.

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OnePlus Music Festival 2019

OnePlus is organizing a music concert where they will be using some latest technology to make the concert a success. And isn’t the main ingredient for better music is the tech. If you have headphones with the latest tech simple music can change the whole mood. And OnePlus has brought the same for all music lovers. Check out all the details in this post about the OnePlus Music Festival 2019.

  • Music Festival 2019 Date: 16th Nov 2019
  • Music Festival 2019 Place: Mumbai
  • Music Festival 2019 Venue: D.Y. Patil Stadium, Dy Patil Vidyanagar Campus 4 B, Sector 7, Nerul, Sector 7, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400706.

OnePlus Music Festival Tickets

So people who love music already have started wondering about tickets. How to book OnePlus Music Festival tickets, where to find it, etc. But don’t worry as the Music Festival 2019 still has time to start. Follow this post to get every detail about the ticket booking for this music festival. All you need to do is click on the link and select the seat as per choice. As the pricing varies as per seats.

  • OnePlus Music Festival TicketsBook here

OnePlus Music Festival tickets

Festival Tickets Price

As the stage is almost set for the concert the day is also arriving soon. As you can see the stage and how the seats will be arranged in the above picture. So according to that, you can book your seat. Check the seat details and pricing for the OnePlus Festival 2019.

  • Seats in ₹3500
Bronze East A Middle Bronze East B Middle Bronze East C Middle
Bronze West P Middle Bronze West O Middle
  • Seats in ₹3750
Bronze East A Lower Bronze East B Lower Bronze East C Lower
Bronze West P Lower Bronze West O Lower Bronze West N Lower
  • Seats in ₹5000
Silver East Silver West
  • Seats in ₹7500
Gold East Gold West
  • Seats in ₹60000 – For Super Fan

OnePlus Music Festival Mumbai

Already as mentioned that this Music Festival will be hosted in Mumbai by OnePlus. So as the concert is on 16th November so you need to book the tickets as explained above and then the flight, train, or bus tickets to reach there. As there are a number of both Hollywood and Bollywood stars this show is going to be a great hit by OnePlus. Be ready for the OnePlus Festival Mumbai. Check the address for the concert here.

  • Music Festival Venue: Mumbai
  • Music Festival Address: D.Y. Patil Stadium, Dy Patil Vidyanagar Campus 4 B, Sector 7, Nerul, Sector 7, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400706.

OnePlus Music Festival Lineup

Now here is the most important part that which all-stars or group are going to perform in this OnePlus Music Festival 2019. Check out the OnePlus Festival lineup here and make yourself ready for your favorite one. Book the favorite seat and see your favorite from close. Check all-stars and group name below:

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Dua Lipa
  3. Amit Trivedi
  4. Ritviz
  5. The Local Train
  6. Aswekeep Searching

Music Festival Offers

As this is both online and offline ticket booking so there should be some offers for users during online bookings. We have brought all eligible offers fro this concert from OnePlus.

  • OnePlus Users – 50% Stashback on Purchase of Tickets (Dial *#06# for IMEI 1)
  • Other Users – 25% Stashback after tickets purchase

Note: Can avail the offer only once and this is not applicable for SuperFan

OnePlus Music Tickets Offline

All these will be able to provide the offline tickets for this OnePlus Festival Tickets Offline. So hurry as the price may go higher slowly.

  1. V ARE Entertainment
  2. GoPromoto
  3. Shubham Jha
  4. Wink Entertainment
  5. Micro Media

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