Medlife New User Offer

Medlife New User Offers

Offer On  Offer Details Type
Medicines Up To 25% OFF New Users
Medicines Get 20% OFF All Users
BHIM UPI Offer Grab Upto 25% OFF New Users / First Order
Medlife Transaction. Avail 25% OFF All Users
Medlife Up to 30% Off New User

New users are ushered in with the warmest welcome by Medlife with exclusive offers for them.

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Medlife First Order Offers

  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines + Upto Rs. 200 Amazon Pay Cashback.
  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines.
  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines + Flat Rs. 50 Freecharge Cashback.
  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines + 100% Paypal Cashback.
  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines + 15% Mobikwik Supercash.
  • Flat 30% Off on Medicines + 10% OLA Money Cashback.
  • Get 100% Cashback up to Rs.  600 for New PayPal Users.
  • 50% Cashback up to INR 500 via Paypal.

These are the existing offers and deals for the new users. So, there are ample reasons to give Medlife a go! With such ease of use, a wide variety of medical services and offers to wait for just some clicks away, it is all the more necessary to go to Medlife.


Tired of running to Pharmacies? Tired of not getting discounts? Tired of illegible handwriting and doubts as to its correct decoding? Just tired? But, medicines are not there? Well, why not just sit cozy at home, and only run your fingers? Why not shop for medicines? Why not have them delivered to your footsteps? Why not an easier way? Oh! You aren’t aware of Online Pharmacies? And, you aren’t aware that medicines can be returned as well? Never thought or trusted another store other than your local. Pharmacy? Never really really cared about not being able to go out to buy the indispensable medicines?  Well, here’s to you that we present MedLife. Check all the Medlife New User Offer.

Why Medlife New User Offer?

Aside from all the obvious reasons already pointed out, MedLife has amazing discounts and offers all the time, something quite unheard of in local pharmacies. Plus there are certainly other unique feats that MedLife has to cater to. Medlife makes buying medicines easier with a beautiful user-friendly interface with almost all the options visible with pictorial representations, for easy browsing. You can use Medlife New User Offer and save more money. Once you come to their homepage, it shows the offers, and then all the possible causes are listed out. Another feature that makes it easier for rookies is the option of having the prescriptions uploaded to the website so that the required medicines come up easily without having to strain eyes to decipher the illegible script of doctors! Also through Medlife App, one can book Lab Tests as well!

Medlife Return Policy

  1. Most merchandise can be returned within 30 days meeting our return criteria:
  2. Products must be in new, 100% resalable condition. No cracks, No scratches, Dirty, Marked tires, or any indications of usage.
  3. Products must be returned in original packaging.
  4. A Return Authorization (RA) must be requested from MedLife within 15 days of delivery of the product.
  5. Once an RA has been received, products must be returned at the customer’s expense within 15 days.
  6. Most product returns require a service fee of 15%.
  7. Select products require up to 25% service fee. These include but are not limited to:
  • Power Wheelchairs.
  • Lifts
  • Power Scooters.
  • Beds
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs.
  • Unopened Cushions and backs.
  • Unopened Bath Products.
  • Parts

Select Respiratory products require up to 30% service fee. These include but are not limited to:

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Stationary Oxygen Concentrators
  • HomeFill Oxygen Systems.

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