OnePlus TV Features

The very latest technological news is the much-awaited launch of the OnePlus TV and much speculations have been made and are still being made as to the possible and price, features, release and launch date. It is as is true for every other technological rookie, the excitement regarding its launch is all the more palpable since OnePlus is a relatively new brand to have been actually able to extend their company into manufacturing “premier TVs”. Check OnePlus TV Features here. This smartphone franchise has made a name for itself in the smartphone industry in the short time that it has been in the market, chiefly for its power-packed performance and value for money. Will the OnePlus TV own up to the expectations of everyone out there about to pounce on it as soon as it launches? Will it be able to surpass the benchmark already set for them by other traditional and renowned brands in the market?

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OnePlus TV Features

OnePlus Display

Well, that’s for the customers to decide, and features to clarify. Meanwhile, it is quite as well to look into some of the much speculated and rumored features the TV is supposed to have. Television is known and bought for viewing the far, and near, and so its display is something that is a very pivotal point, rather it is the very thing that takes up all the concerns of a television. It is the screen that makes it stand out from others or go off from the market.  All the OnePlus TV Features including the display is awesome. And, therefore, the one question that is bothering everyone is what has OnePlus got to offer for its Display?

  • 55-inch screen.
  • Will support Dolby Vision.
  • 4K Screen with QLED Panel.

OnePlus Smart TV Features

As has been confirmed, OnePlus TV is going to be a premier smart TV, and through loads of speculations and from the interview given by its CEO Pete Lau, we now know something of the smart features the TV is all set to offer. Check out OnePlus TV Features here.

  • Dolby Atmos for the cinematic audio experience.
  • Eight speakers with 50 W output.
  • Dolby Vision or HDR.
  • Association with Google for a better user interface, already sanctioned inclusion of the Play Store.
  • Rumored to have MT5670 processor and Mali G51 GPU.
  • Built-in Chromecast.
  • Support for WiFi.
  • HDMI Connection.

OnePlus – Support for Third-Party Apps

Reliance Jio has been working to make their apps available with OnePlus TV Features. Eros Now has also confirmed the association with OnePlus TV, and OnePlus TV is supposedly coming with a Shortcuts app supported by iOS

OnePlus – Remote Design and Number of Ports

According to images produced by the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, OnePlus TV Remote supposedly has a polished metal design and finish, has a Google Assistant button and comes with a navigation pad and type C port. It looks like an Apple TV remote.

OnePlus TV Design

Going to be definitely slim, sleek, and simple. Not a gaudy one, just because it wants to stand out. That’s all that is to be kept in mind till date from all that could be gathered from countless rumors as well as official teasers as to the content of the TV.

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