Samsung Galaxy M30s Price in India

Samsung is the only mobile brand that provides quality products at all price ranges. This year we have seen many mobile launches from Samsung. Most of these include Samsung M or Samsung A series. Now the top-selling Samsung M series product is finally getting an upgrade. That mobile name is Samsung Galaxy M30s. The previous mobile came with a starting price of 11990 Rs. Here in this article, we will share the Samsung Galaxy M30s price in India and all the other details related to this product. Just like every other Galaxy M series mobile this will also available to buy from Flash sale only. So you can use our auto buy extension to get mobile on any sale. For more details visit Galaxy M30s Flash sale.

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Samsung Galaxy M30s Specifications

Price  14999 Rs
Display Size 6.4-inch HD+ Display
Processor Samsung Exynos 9 Octa Core
Operating System Android v9 (Pie)
Primary Camera 48MP + 8MP + 5MP Camera
Front Camera 32 MP Front Camera
RAM  4 GB, 6 GB & 8 GB
Storage 64 GB & 128 GB
Battery 6000 mAh Battery
SIM Slots  Dual VoLTE 4G+4G
Fingerprint  In-display
Face Unlock  Available

Samsung Galaxy M30s Price in India

Previous M series mobiles are Amazon exclusive products. Which means you can’t buy them from Flipkart or other online stores. Except that they are available on the Samsung official website. Since it is a flash sale product you only get a chance to buy once a week. This mobile is mainly focused on Indian users so the starting price won’t be more than 15000 Rs. Here are our tentative Galaxy M30s price in India predictions

  • Galaxy M30s Price in India: 13999 Rs
  • Galaxy M30s Amazon Price: 13999 Rs
  • Galaxy M30s Flipkart Price: 13999 Rs

Available Galaxy M30s Models

Galaxy M30 launched with 2 models. It was based on RAM & Storage. This time they are adding one more model for an extra performance. So Galaxy M30s will come in 3 different models and you will get only two different storage options to choose from. Also, the colors are yet to be released on the Galaxy M30s launch date in India. There will an option for micro SD card slot which means you can expand the storage. Here are all the available Galaxy M30s models in India

  • 4 GB RAM + 64GB Storage
  • 6 GB RAM + 64GB Storage
  • 8 GB RAM + 128GB Storage

4GB RAM Galaxy M30s Price in India

This will be the starting price of the product because there won’t be any 3GB RAM unit and the pricing will surely be less than 15000 Rs. Every mid-range mobile in India comes with an average price of 11999 Rs for 4GB RAM. But Galaxy M30s may cost a little bit more. This is because M30s got 6000 mAh battery which isn’t available in any mobile yet.

4GB Galaxy M30s Price: 13999 Rs

6GB RAM Galaxy M30s Price

Many people don’t prefer to buy 6GB RAM model in mid-range mobile. For 2000 Rs extra amount you can get 8GB RAM and double storage. At the same time, it also cost 2k more than the 4GB RAM variant. If you are the one considering to buy M30s then try to skip this model.

6GB Galaxy M30s Price in India: 15999 Rs

8GB RAM Galaxy M30s Price in India

It’s not officially confirmed about the 8GB RAM model. But it is now expected to arrive as Samsung started releasing the 8GB RAM variants in their high-end products. If it were to happen then this will be the cheapest 8GB RAM mobile from Samsung

8GB Galaxy M30s Price in India: 17999 Rs


What will be the market price of the Samsung Galaxy M30s?

The MRP of Galaxy M30s will be 2000 Rs more than the actual selling price. This is because of some regulations with the Indian government. So by default, every product will come with 2000 Rs discount and this will be inclusive in the price.

Samsung Galaxy M30s 5G Price in India

This isn’t flagship mobile so there won’t be any 5G variant. If there is to be one then we will surely update this article by adding Galaxy M30s 5G price in India.

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